Goldwork Or Nué Kit ~ DAINTY PINK DAISY


The embroidery design measures 5.5cm (2 ¼") in diameter.

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Goldwork, Or Nué
* LEVEL 1 *

Dainty Pink Daisy is a good introduction to Or Nué if you have no prior experience with the technique. However, some knowledge of general embroidery is an advantage.

Or Nué (or shaded gold) is a fascinating metal thread embroidery technique, where metal threads are couched in place with coloured silks to create patterns. The simple petal shapes of a stylized daisy, lend themselves perfectly as an introduction to Or Nué since you only need two colours to achieve a nice design.

Working a circular motif is a good start as you can concentrate on learning the shading by couching colour. The raised centre of the daisy is created with felt padding covered with tiny gold spangles and surrounded with looped gold purls.

The size of the design lends itself perfectly for a paperweight or a pot lid, but looks really sweet simply framed.

I hope you will get as much pleasure embroidering your Dainty Pink Daisy as I did.

Happy Stitching, Anna

Kit Contents


*  INSTRUCTION BOOKLET with detailed, step-by-step instructions and diagrams

* Pale green silk dupion with the embroidery design, ready to stitch

* Quilter’s muslin (backing fabric)

* Brown wool felt

* Stranded silk

* 3 filament silks

* Gilt passing thread

* Gilt smooth purl

* Gold spangles

* 6 needles



* 15cm (6″) good quality embroidery hoop, inner ring bound

* Good quality beeswax

* Goldwork scissors OR ‘old’, sharp, pointed scissor (don’t ruin your good pair )

* Pointed tweezers

* Weight or clamp

* Sharp lead pencil

Also helpful but not essential:

* Velvet covered board

* Dressmaker’s awl or mellor



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