Crewel Embroidery Kit ~ BUNNIES & BUTTERCUPS


The embroidery design measures 15cm x 35cm (6” x 14”) wide.

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Crewel Work    * Intermediate – Beginner *

I recommend Bunnies & Buttercups for embroiderers with a little experience in thread painting. It is a great project if you are familiar with common embroidery stitches. The detailed instructions and diagrams will help guide you step-by-step through the project however, you might find it helpful to have a stitch directory at hand.

I found my inspiration for Bunnies & Buttercups in the well-known design ‘Brother Rabbit’ by William Morris. I greatly admire the work and designs by Morris and find endless inspiration in the swirling patterns and organic shapes in Morris’s textiles and wallpaper.

As with Morris’ design, this symmetrical design features a pair of facing bunnies. They are nestled under a vine of white flower puffs and surrounded by sunny yellow buttercups. The flowers and foliage are embroidered using common embroidery stitches and the bunnies are stitched mostly in long & short stitch to create soft-looking fur and shading of colours. Each bunny has a fluffy, pompom-like tail created with tufted Ghiordes knots.

Bunnies & Buttercups is stitched onto taupe linen twill using 15 shades of Appletons crewel wool and 3 shades of Gumnut shaded wool to create the soft fur of the bunnies. The bunnies and buttercups are embroidered in long & short stitch and the foliage around them is worked using common embroidery stitches.

The embroidery design measures 15cm x 35cm (6” x 14”) wide. It is printed on a twill panel measuring 40cm x 50cm wide (16″ 20″).

It is the perfect size for a decorative bolster pillow or a fabulous work bag, and would look super cute framed in a nursery. I made my Bunnies & Buttercups into a bolster pillow with a cute pompom trim to match the bunnies’ fluffy tails.

(Please note, the kit does not include supplies to make the pillow.)

I hope you will get as much pleasure embroidering your Bunnies & Buttercups as I did.

Happy Stitching, Anna

Kit Contents


* INSTRUCTION BOOKLET with detailed, step-by-step instructions and diagrams
* Taupe linen twill (40cm x 50cm wide – 16″ x 20″) with the design printed, ready to stitch
* 15 Appleton’s crewel yarn
* 3 Gumnut shaded crewel yarn
* Needle

Please Note: This kit does NOT include supplies to make the pillow shown



* Slate frame with 50cm (20”) wide tape, and 90cm x 1.5cm (36” x 5/8”) wide cotton tape and strong thread for lacing
*  35cm x 45cm wide (14″ x 18″) stretcher bars and thumbtacks

*   Embroidery scissors

NOTE; A square frame is best but you can use a 35cm (18”) embroidery hoop, 16mm (5/8”) deep, and the inner ring bound.




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Extra Information

Stitches Used:

Blanket stitch | Chain stitch | Colonial knot | Fly stitch
French knot | Ghiordes knot | Padded satin stitch
Long & short stitch | Satin stitch | Split stitch
Stem stitch | Straight stitch

You can Download the FREE Stitch Library for the stitches used HERE.


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