7cm (2 3/4") long

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My Mellor is among my most essential embroidery tools. It is a tool I would not be without and always keep at hand when I am stitching.

The Mellor is most commonly used for metal thread embroidery. The pointy (but not sharp) end is used for guiding metal threads and purls into place and the broad, flat end is used to push and manipulate laid threads.

However, I use my Mellor for nearly all my embroidery (except crewel work). The tapered end works wonderfully as a laying tool when stitching with silk and cotton threads, or as a stiletto to prepare holes to sink wires in Raised Embroidery. The flat, rounded end comes in handy for tweaking edges and lines, and smoothing silk shading and satin stitch.

* Gold plated

* Made in England



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