Raised Embroidery Kit ~ MOTHER HEN & PERIWINKLE


The design measures 9cm x 12cm wide (3 1/2” x 4 3/4”).

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Raised Embroidery
** LEVEL 2 **

Mother Hen & Periwinkle is an ideal project if you are comfortable with general embroidery stitches and have a little experience with Raised Embroidery.

This gentle Mother Hen is resting with her brood of four tiny chickens in a bed of cheerful, flowering periwinkle.

Mother Hen & Periwinkle is embroidered onto light olive green print cotton fabric with stranded silk threads, using mostly common embroidery stitches and simple raised embroidery techniques. Layers of felt are used to create the hen’s plump body and her head and wing are embroidered separately before being attached to the main embroidery. The detached periwinkle flowers are stitched in place with a seed beads at the centers and the two buds are stitched with needle-woven picots. Detached leaves with wired edges complete the periwinkle vine

The detailed instructions and diagrams will help guide you step by step through the project.

I hope you will get as much pleasure embroidering your Mother Hen & Periwinkle as I did.

Happy Stitching, Anna

Kit Contents


* INSTRUCTION BOOKLET with detailed, step-by-step instructions and diagrams

* Full size patterns & templates for the detached elements

* Light olive green print cotton with the design marked, ready to stitch

* Quilter’s muslin backing fabric

* 2 pieces of cotton homespun

* Wool felt

* 16 stranded silk threads

*  2 stranded cotton threads

* Glass seed beads

* 5 needles

* Beading wire




* 20cm (8″) embroidery hoop, inner ring bound

* 10cm (4″) embroidery hoop, inner ring bound

* Hoop stand, Weight or small clamp (To hold your hoop, allowing you both hands free)

* Light coloured sewing thread

* Fine, Sharp embroidery scissors

* Small pliers (or old scissor for cutting fine wire)

* Sharp HB pencil (a mechanical pencil it perfect)

* Baking (or tracing) paper

* Tape

Highly recommended, but not essential:

* Fine tip, curved  scissors

*  Tweezers or small pliers for shaping wire



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Extra Information

STITCHES USED: beading | blanket stitch | blanket stitch wheel | bullion knot | chain stitch | couching | detached chain | fly stitch | French knot | long & short blanket stitch | long & short stitch | lattice couching | needlewoven picot | padded satin stitch | satin stitch | split back stitch | split stitch | stem stitch | whipping

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