Strawberry Feast


The embroidery design measures 10cm x 13cm wide (4” x 5 1/8”).

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Raised Embroidery
** LEVEL 2 **

Strawberry Feast is an ideal project if you are comfortable with general embroidery stitches and have a little experience with Raised Embroidery.

Strawberry Feast was inspired by an antique botanical print of a wild strawberry plant. Strawberry plants will flower and bear fruit at the same time making them a fabulous subject for decorative embroidery. A cheeky snail is slowly making her way up the plant for a taste of the plump ripe berries, while a hungry bee is drawn to the scent of the delicate strawberry flowers.

Similar in size and stitched onto the same fabric, Strawberry Feast make a nice companion to Toadstools & Brambles.

Strawberry Feast is embroidered with silk threads using mostly common embroidery stitches onto natural coloured linen-cotton fabric. Layers of felt is used to pad the plump strawberries. The berries are covered with laidwork and have woven picot sepals. The dainty flowers are semi-detached with fluffy Ghiordes knot centers and detached, wired leaves add dimension to the foliage.

The detailed instructions and diagrams will help guide you step by step through the project.

I hope you will get as much pleasure embroidering your Strawberry Feast as I did.

Happy Stitching, Anna

Kit Contents


* INSTRUCTION BOOKLET with detailed, step-by-step instructions and diagrams

* Full size patterns & templates for the detached elements

* Natural linen/cotton fabric with the design marked, ready to stitch

* Quilter’s muslin backing fabric

* 2 pieces of cotton homespun

* Wool felt

* 14 stranded silk threads

* 1 shaded stranded silk thread

*  2 stranded cotton threads

* Perlé cotton

* Ivory silk ribbon

* Black sewing thread

* Glass petite seed beads

* 5 needles

* Beading wire




* 22cm (9″) embroidery hoop (inner ring bound)

* 10cm (4″) embroidery hoop (inner ring bound)

* Weight or small clamp. – This is to hold your hoop or frame allowing you both hands free

* Light coloured sewing thread

* Fine, Sharp embroidery scissors

* Small pliers (or old scissor for cutting fine wire)

* Sharp HB pencil (a mechanical pencil it perfect)

* Baking (or tracing) paper & Tape

Highly recommended, but not essential:

* Curved, Blunt scissors

*  Tweezers



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Extra Information

Stitches Used: back stitch | beading | blanket stitch | chain stitch | couching | detached blanket stitch | detached chain | fishbone stitch | fly stitch | French knot | Ghiordes knot | needlewoven picot | overcast stitch | pistil stitch | satin stitch | split back stitch | stem stitch | straight stitch | straight stitch padding | surface satin stitch | trellis couching | whipping

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