I create hand embroidery to inspire and feed creativity, tickle your curiosity and brighten your day. I am a big believer that 'One Stitch At A Time' - anything is possible.

'Lone Tree' 2016

"I didn’t choose to embroider ~ Embroidery chose me."

I never planned to become an embroiderer!  I originally embarked on a career in garment design and construction (at Håndarbejdets Fremmes Seminarium, Copenhagen). The course included a module of hand embroidery. After the first lesson, I went straight to the head office and transferred my major to hand embroidery. I have never regretted that – not even for a second.

I have tried many types of embroidery but especially enjoy styles that involve colour, pattern and texture with crewel embroidery, raised embroidery (stumpwork) and goldwork among my favourites. For kits and workshops, I (try to) stay within each style, but for my own work, I happily mix everything together.

"My style is best described as traditional ~ but not typical."

INSPIRATION comes from many places. I am drawn to patterns and textures everywhere I look; in landscapes and gardens, in historical textiles, fabrics and garments, interior design and architecture. Stories and fairy tales are often the starting point for my raised embroidery and pictures.

Once an idea for a new design has developed I use pictures and illustrations for reference in the initial stages of sketching. I always draw on a multiple images, blending and merging these as I draw.  Once I am happy with the initial sketch, I put the images aside and continue working on the line drawing in preparation for the embroidery.

COLOUR & TEXTURE brings the design to life. I select a colour scheme and often start with more shades than I know I will need (especially when designing for kits and classes) laid out in front of me. I very rarely plan too much ahead (and never do colour sketches) but allow my colours to do their ‘magic’ as I stitch. I allow the design to develop under my needle, I refine my choices of colours and shades.

I use STITCHES & TECHNIQUES to create textures and patterns within the design. In a sense, I think of my stitches as tools in a similar way I imagine an artist uses different brushes and strokes in a painting.

"Once I discovered embroidery was 'my thing' it opened doors I never imagined possible."

My stitching journey so far has been nothing short of surprising. From embroidering ecclesiastical vestments, including a robe designed by Queen Margrethe II, editing INSPIRATIONS magazine and having my designs published in numerous books and magazines, to sharing what I love by designing embroidery, creating stitched art and teaching both around Australia and internationally. Who knows what it will lead to next….

PS – when I am not stitching, you are most likely to find me in the garden, out walking or making something somewhere (my hands are never idle).

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